A witty way to discover & recommend products and services.

Ask your customers about their preferences and recommend products or services directly on your website.

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Next level of recommendations for your e-commerce website

You can install Wittly on your website to ask your customers about their preferences and suggest matching products or services. Wittly gives you all the tools you need to create engaging recommendations that help your customers make the right purchase decisions.


Guide your customers to make the right choices

You are in full control over creating recommendations for your customers based on any criteria you choose. You know best what you can offer.

Learn what your customers really want

Wittly helps you understand your customers better and learn what they are looking for when shopping on your website.

—  a few words from Kazik, the founder  —

Wittly vs. automated recommendation engines

Automated recommendation engines usually identify products that your customers may want by finding products sharing the same tags or analyzing purchase history. But I think your customers deserve better.

You see, when you go to a traditional store, the store owner often asks you a few questions to try to understand what you are looking for and then offers a product that will suit your needs according to the best of his knowledge. This is how good customer service should work. Wittly translates this basic concept into the digital world of e-commerce.

Your users will appreciate that they can express their preferences instead of browsing through a long catalog of products and you too can learn something new about your customers in the process thanks to Wittly.

Wittly can be integrated with any website